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Children and Adolescents have different needs and behavioural patterns to adults, and one another, and frequently respond better to a psychologist who has experience working with them.


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“Research has shown that 14% of Australian children and adolescents aged 4-17 have mental health problems and that only one out of every four of these young people receive professional health care. As well, adolescents with mental health problems report a high rate of suicidal thoughts and other health-risk behaviour including smoking, drinking and drug use.“ Australian Government, Department of Health & Aging


Mary Temple has many years of experience working with children and parents. If your child is having difficulties, it is best to get help whatever their age. If your child is under four, the initial appointment will be with the parents (rather than the child) to discuss the various issues in detail. A strategy will then be suggested for how best to move forward with the child and parents.


Research has shown that the adolescent brain goes through a huge period of growth during this stage of life, at times resulting in huge swings towards risk taking behaviour or depression. In addition to the physical changes taking place, teenagers on the brink of adulthood struggle with their place in the world. They may feel like they don’t fit in, and that no one understands them. They may stop listening to the people who care most about them, which is when the independent ear of a professional can help.


Parenting places enormous stress on adults, whether it be a new born baby or a rebellious teenager. Many mums and dads struggle to keep it all together, especially when their child appears to behave irrationally. Sometimes you may even find that your parental instinct is a replication of your own parent’s behaviour, for better or worse.

Parental Counselling helps work through the issues you are facing, teaches you more about why your child behaves the way s/he does, and provides you with positive techniques to overcome these obstacles.

Learning Difficulties

For our full explanation of Learning Services, please click here. Please note that the Temple Clinic does not offer tutorial services, but will assess underlying strengths, weaknesses, issues and solutions.


Appointments can be made for any child four years old and upwards. It is important to identify learning difficulties as soon as possible before it affects a child’s long term self esteem and attitude towards schooling. Identifying a problem relieves the child’s sense of shame that they are struggling, and techniques can be used to overcome obstacles. Learning difficulties are not a sign of a low intelligence, conversely, many dyslexic children go on to excel at school once they receive support for their condition.

Please note: It is best for children under 9 years to be scheduled into morning appointments, as they tire easily.


If your teenager is struggling at school, an assessment will provide recommended techniques for improvement as well as diagnose any impairments or special needs. An assessment may be submitted to the Department of Education to gain recognition for special needs, which could result in some of the following:

  1. A reader for exams and assignments
  2. Extra reading time during exams
  3. Improved lighting conditions during schooling and exams
  4. Extended deadlines for assignments
  5. Reading materials submitted on larger print or coloured paper
  6. Special consideration of marks or entry to tertiary study

Gifted & Talented

The Gifted & Talented often require extension work at school, or they will become bored, and may develop behavioural problems. In order to access school resources, you may need to provide the school with a professional assessment outlining areas of giftedness and recommendations. Click here for more on G&T.

Highly intelligent children and adolescents frequently find their intelligence a barrier to forming strong friendships amongst their peers, resulting in emotional distress. One of the benefits of the Temple Clinic is our duality as both Educational Consultant and Psychologist, which allows us to provide both educational assessment and discuss psychological strategies and techniques to help the Gifted & Talented.

Please note: It is best for children under 9 years to be scheduled into morning appointments, as they tire easily.