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Our Educational Consultants offer assessments and guidance to help you, or your child, reach your potential. Whether you struggle to read, suspect dyslexia or ADD, require a Special Needs assessment  - OR are gifted and talented, interested in extending your executive functioning, want career counselling -  the Temple Clinic offers years of experience in this area.

Additionally, Mary Temple is the sole Diagnostician in the region assessing for Irlen Syndrome/coloured lenses.

What can I expect when I book an appointment?

If the appointment is for a child or adolescent, we will supply you with a medical history and child behaviour questionnaire to fill out in advance and bring with you the appointment. You should also bring school reports, samples of schoolwork, including handwriting, and any previous assessments.

An initial assessment is usually 2 hours long (or 3 hours for a Gifted & Talented Assessment).

What next?

Below are various cases demonstrating what happens next, depending on what is discovered during the initial assessment:

Mei has had all her questions answered by her initial assessment, and needs no further consultations.

Pete delivers a Special Needs Form to the Armidale office. The Educational Consultant fills it out and mails it to Pete’s university. As a result, Pete’s special needs are recognised and he gains extra reading time when completing assignments and exams.

Susan pays $100 for a written Assessment Summary of her daughter’s appointment, so that Susan can better explain the recommendations to teachers at her daughter’s school.

Workcover purchases a detailed report to be used in a compensation claim regarding an accident that caused Masoud’s impairment.

Mandy was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome, so she attends a further 1 hour appointment to select the correct coloured tint for her. Coloured lenses are ordered once the tint is discovered.

David’s problem is not of an educational nature, so we refer him to a relevant specialist who can help him.

Reports and Assessments

In addition to consultations, some clients require a report to be written.