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Irlen Lenses are custom made coloured glasses that help a visual perception disorder known as Irlen Syndrome (formerly known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome). The Temple Clinic has the only diagnostician in the New England/Northern Rivers region trained and licensed to test for this.

Irlen  Syndrome

The Irlen Method has been used for over 25 years to identify and help people with a processing problem. Irlen Syndrome is not an optical problem. It is a problem with the brain's ability to process visual information. This problem tends to run in families and is not currently identified by other standardized educational or medical tests. It can manifest itself differently for each individual. If you suffer from any of the following, Irlen Syndrome might be your problem:


  • Light Sensitivity
    • Bothered by glare, fluorescent lights, bright lights, sunlight and sometimes lights at night
    • Some individuals experience physical symptoms and feel tired, sleepy, dizzy, anxious, or irritable. Others experience headaches, mood changes, restlessness or have difficulty staying focused, especially with bright or fluorescent lights.
  • Reading Problems
    • Poor comprehension
    • Misreads words
    • Problems tracking from line to line
    • Reads in dim light
    • Skips words or lines
    • Reads slowly or hesitantly
    • Takes breaks
    • Loses place
    • Avoids reading
  • Discomfort
    • Strain and fatigue
    • Tired or sleepy
    • Headaches or nausea
    • Fidgety or restless
    • Eyes that hurt or become watery
  • Attention and Concentration Problems
    • Problems with concentration when reading and doing academic tasks
    • Often people can appear to have other conditions, such as attention deficit disorder, and are given medication unnecessarily.
  • Writing Problems
    • Trouble copying
    • Unequal spacing
    • Unequal letter size
    • Writing up or downhill
    • Inconsistent spelling
  • Other Characteristics:
    • Strain or fatigue from computer use
    • Difficulty reading music
    • Sloppy, careless math errors
    • Misaligned numbers in columns
    • Ineffective use of study time
    • Lack of motivation
    • Grades do not reflect the amount of effort
  • Depth Perception
    • Clumsiness
    • Difficulty catching balls
    • Difficulty judging distances
    • Additional caution necessary while driving
  • Distortions
    • Words on the page lack clarity or stability; i.e., may appear to be blurry, moving, or disappear.

More information on Irlen Syndrome:

What can I expect when I book an appointment?

If the appointment is for a child or adolescent, we will supply you with a medical history and child behaviour questionnaire to fill out in advance and bring with you the appointment. You should also bring school reports, samples of schoolwork, including handwriting, and any previous assessments.

An initial consultation is usually 2 hours long to find out if you have Irlen Syndrome. Should you have it, it will take an additional hour to determine the correct colour tint. 

Custom made Irlen Lenses cost between $100 and $192, depending on options selected. Most major health care insurance agencies cover Irlen Lenses through their ancillary plans.


In addition to consultations, some clients require a report to be written. Examples include:

Susan wants a written Assessment Summary of her daughter’s appointment, so that Susan can better explain the recommendations to teachers at her daughter’s school.

Pete has a Special Needs Form completed by the Educational Consultant so he can gain extra reading time and natural lighting when completing assignments and exams.